On January 26, 2024, CASIS sponsored the 1st Annual Trinity-IID Student Conference on Intelligence and Security. Featuring 36 graduate and undergraduate presentations on a wide array of historical and contemporary topics, the conference showcased some of the best young minds studying in the field. Representatives came from a host of interdisciplinary programme at seven universities, addressing both national and international security, intelligence, and defence issues.
The event was organized and hosted by CASIS executives Dr. Tim Sayle and Dr. Arne Kislenko, and featured another CASIS executive, Robert Gordon, as keynote speaker and guest panelist. The conference was also attended by representatives from several federal government agencies, giving students a unique opportunity to meet and learn from practitioners in the field.
The event was also funded by the Trinity College International Relations Program, the International Issues Discussion series at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU), and the Department of History at TMU.